Bob Boel, Owner Operator

Graduated in 1974 from VVI (Vancouver Vocational Institute) as an Architectural / Structural Draftsman and was hired by Swan Wooster Engineering to do Structural Steel and Concrete drafting on a Paper Mill in Akdeniz Turkey. Over the next 14 years I have worked for Sandwell, HA Simons, Phillips Barrett Kaiser, Montreal Engineering, Stothard Engineering, SKS Engineering and many more firms.

In 1998 I started BB Technical Services!

My first Client was A&W, and over the next 10 Years I had drawn A&W Franchises all across Canada (too numerous to count.) During which I have also accumulated multiple clients: White Spot / Eran Engineering, Armak Architectural Millwork, Axton Manufacturing, Watanabe Engineering, Nu-Glass Systems, Plumb & True Construction Inc, Patrick Cotter Architect Inc, Chiu Engineering Inc, Coast Isle Engineering, Ebco Industries Ltd, Hipp Engineering, Canadian Tree Tech., Eric Stine Architects, Canadian Tree Tech, Division 8 Consulting, Nigel Walker Architects, Plumb & True Construction Inc, Hercules Land Development, Flavius True Construction Quinton Construction Ltd, Andrea Rodman interiors Inc, Bob Turner Architect, H2Design Studio, McArthur Vantell Ltd, Silikan Architecture, Atmosphere Interiors, Lex engineering, KG Engineering. As of 2016 my new company name is CAD IN MOTION.

If you require computer aided drafting, - Cad in Motion offers quality work. Over the years I have delivered quality service to small businesses, engineering companies, and design/drafting production houses.

To date I have successfully provided services on over 500 different projects. Those projects have included creating kitchen and dining room designs for A&W, White Spot, Taco Bell, Siegel’s bagel, Rosemary Rocksalt and cafés and restaurants.


Vaus: Vancouver AutoCad Users Society

Our goal is to provide venues for the communication of information and ideas and exploration of options relating to and involving AutoCAD.

As president of VAUS I regret to inform everone that we had to close our doors as fewer and fewer members where attending our meetings